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The dictionary defines illumination as 

  1. The act or state of being illuminated 
  2. A source of light 
  3. Spiritual or intellectual enlightenment 
  4. Clarification, elucidation 
  5. Observable property and effect of light 

The 2018 challenge is to interpret the idea of illumination in an art quilt. This can be an actual representation of light, an abstract concept of enlightenment, a social issue you wish to highlight, or an illuminating idea you wish to expand on. Use your imagination and help shed a new and different light on PAQA art quilts!

SIZE: 30" wide, 15-42" long



We don't know the exact due date at this time. We are working with IQF for this

Challenge to be included in the Rosemont show, April 2018. We anticipate that each entrant will be doing an online entry, as we have done for the past few years, probably in January 2018. When this due date is set, we will inform the PAQA membership. The quilts will be collected at the February 2018 PAQA meeting.

Denise Havlan, Sara Hochhouser, Roz DeBoer