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Martha Tabis has gotten our combo challenge exhibit scheduled for the BURNING BUSH GALLERY IN WHEATON FROM MAY 13 – JUNE 4, 2017.The Burning Bush Gallery (Wheaton) publishes a booklet about the art in their exhibits.

Martha Tabis has exhibited there in the past and shares the following:

    The booklet that they give to attendees at the artists’ reception is nicely done and thorough. I've found that this info facilitates conversation with attendees, and can help sell a piece. People do buy at these events as the gallery has a good following. No entry fee, no jurying, good following, attractive space.

    All interested Improv artists need to fill out the following form and get it to me by April 15. (Burning Bush form). I will submit it to the gallery as a group. If I don't get a form from every artist, I will assume they don't want to be included in the booklet...I'm not going to chase down everyone's forms. :)

    We ask that everyone checks "no" to the question about loaning their work to other churches. We are scheduled to have our exhibit in Tinley Park so it is not available for loan at this point.

    As far as sales, I think we could leave the date of delivery up to the artist and the buyer. Hopefully, any buyers will be willing to wait until after the August exhibit.

June 25 reception at The Norris Gallery honors PAQA quilt artists in current exhibit

A dual-themed exhibit of nearly 60 art quilts is on display in the gallery of the Norris Cultural Arts Center through July 15. The exhibit features the works of more than 25 member artists of the Professional Art Quilt Alliance (PAQA), created on the themes of Exploration and Intentional Improvisation, nearly all of which are available for purchase.

Suburban Chicago-based PAQA will host a free reception at the Norris Gallery honoring the exhibit’s artists, Sunday, June 25, 2 to 4 p.m.

The exhibit is free and open to the public from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, except for Tuesday, July 4. Information on weekend openings is available by calling 630-584-7200.


Roz DeBoer will be taking over the scheduling of the “Exploration” challenge quilts. So far the exhibit is scheduled for Feb, and August 2017 and May 2017. Let Roz know if you have possible venues at

In August 2017 we have the opportunity to combine our “Explorations” and “Improv” challenges for an exhibit at THE VOGT VISUAL ART CENTER (VVAC) IN Tinley Park, IL. We need a minimum of 15 Improv pieces to combine with the 25 Exploration pieces to fill the space. This is a wonderful opportunity---there is no fee for us to use the space and no commission for pieces sold!

Roz DeBoer requests that you e-mail her a picture of your IMPROV quilt entries as soon as you finish it. This is in preparation for the August 2017 exhibit in Tinley Park, so we have an idea of what quilts are coming.


Creating fresh new art begins with the familiar and welcomes the undiscovered. The artists of PAQA are challenged to depart from their familiar way of working to discover new ideas, themes, and techniques. Members are encouraged to start with one design idea and let that design evolve while making the art. By improvising as you work, you embrace the undiscovered learning more about yourselves and your process of art making. This method of working is called Intentional Improvisation.

  • Open to members of PAQA only (your membership dues MUST be paid by the quilt due date for the 2017 year)
  • Finished quilt size: 30" wide but must not exceed 36" long
  • The finished quilt must have top, a middle, and a backing with some method of connecting the three layers.
  • The finished quilt must be labeled and have a 4 inch hanging sleeve. All sleeves and labels must be sewn on and securely attached. No sleeves made of gauze or other light materials.
  • There can be NO internal or external structure, rods, or hangers.
  • The quilt cannot exceed 1 inch thickness.
  • NO SPECIAL PACKAGING, HANGING, OR OTHER APPARATUS ALLOWED. We will not keep packing materials.
  • The quilts must not be allowed to be touched (no interactive works).
  • Quilts may be mailed in or dropped off, but NO QUILT will be mailed back. You must arrange for pick up at the end of the tour. Please note that if you cannot arrange a drop off with Roz, then you will be responsible for all shipping costs to get the quilt to us. The quilts WILL NOT BE MAILED BACK, you must pick them up.
  • Due : Due: February 28, 2017. WE CANNOT ACCEPT LATE ENTRIES.

The quilts will likely be stacked and sent to venues flat in a box, so we ask that you make sure that your quilt is free of lint, string, hair, or other materials that may transfer to another quilt.



    • We are very excited that you will be curating/organizing the Intentional Improvisation exhibit for inclusion in the International Quilt Festival/Chicago 2017. Thank you for all of the time and effort you have been and will continue putting into this exhibit.

      The next step for organizing your exhibit is to enter the information needed for each quilt. To enter this information, please go to this link: and click the “Proceed to Step 1” button. When adding a quilt, select the Special Exhibit that corresponds with the title of your exhibit. We recommend sending the above link to the other PAQA quilters and allowing them to enter the information about each of their quilts.

      When adding pictures, please use pictures that are at least 2400 pixels. If you have any difficulty uploading the pictures, please feel free to contact me, Deann Shamuyarira, at or 713-781-6864, ext. 129.

      Please plan to have the quilt information entered into this link by Friday, January 6th. Detailed instructions for quilt preparations and shipping information will be sent to each artist by Friday, January 13th, after they have entered their information.

    Please email Frieda when you have finished entering your information along with the name of your piece.
    Denise Havlan has agreed to accept your quilts at the February PAQA meeting as she is unsure if she will be able to attend. We will not be shipping the quilts to Houston Laura and Frieda will deliver them to the show as they will have a booth again.