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"I didn't know art could be political!" challenge

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It's a political year -- So the title comes from the refrain I hear constantly: Challenge Theme = "I didn't know art could be political!"

Please feel free to interpret this topic in any way you see fit, it could be about a politician; it could be a protest; it could be a good idea for our government to implement; it could be about an issue you care about or an issue that needs addressed; it could be about political art (editorial cartoons spring to mind on this topic); it could be about freedoms or the lack of freedoms; it could be about rights -- human or civil or the right to privacy, the right to more fabric, the right to fuse or even the right to re-fuse; it could be about saving the whales, or saving the environment; it could even be about reforming the tax code!....there are so many ways you could take this challenge and create with it. Just because we are asking you to get a bit political here, doesn't mean that it can't be beautiful, well designed, or uniquely crafted with your own artistic vision shining out for all the world to see. Sometimes art needs to speak out and ask the hard questions. Often art communicates difficult ideas or concerns in a way that transcends the issue. Some of the greatest art is very political. So take your time and think about it - something will spring out and demand to be made for this challenge.

Size to be no larger than 24" by 24".



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Who's Running the Ship? © Kathy Ainger Too Long An Iniquity ©Mary R. Beat Clear Choice ©Darcy Berg Drill Here and Now ©Pamela Conklin How Much Is Too Much©Tricia I. Coulson Hidden Agendas ©Colleen Curry Farmland Taken Over By Subdivisions ©Roberta Dahmer And the Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulders ©JoAnn Deck Tax Simplifications ©Sharron Evans Untitled © Proud To Be An American ©Kathleen Jayko Untitled ©Norma Klimpke Hope ©Patty Koenigsaecker All the President's Men ©Joy Lavrencik The Enviornment Is Political ©Lucy  Lesiak Water ©Sharon  Malec 1968/2008 Parallels ©Carol A. Perkins Global Warmingr ©Casey Puetz Hot Air ©Suzanne Riggio Isn't There A Better Way? ©Sharon D. Rose America Votes ©Sandy Schweitzer Symbolic Enviornment ©Linda Sorkin Eisenberg The State of Dis-Union ©Kathleen Sweeney War--What Good Is It? ©Maureen Tinley Celebrating Global Warming ©Laura Wasilowski Save Dafur ©Trish Williams Protect Our Beautiful Great Lakes ©Marlene Woodfield