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Notes from the '06 Retreat

From Marsha Wert

Wow! What a terrific experience! I learned so much from all of you, and it was especially nice to get to know you better personally.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and special thanks to the organizers.

From Wendy Butler Berns

The paqa retreat in Racine these past several days was great and we thank Melody for doing the leg work to put the pieces together for it. Everyone did their own thing, shared stories and inspirations. A variety of members did some mini demos and shared some wonderful new ideas with those who wanted to participate. Glad you all could be a part of it all.

From Mary Burke who led the "Deconstructed Suit" workshop:

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to present this workshop on the Deconstructed Suit. I had a great time with it and can see how I might develop it further thanks to your wonderful participation. Some of you asked for some reading material. Here it is. It is not something you read in a single sitting--but over time. I have to think alot about the content. One of the authors, Ellen Dissanayake, spoke at the SDA conference in 2003. Some of the other titles were suggested to me by some of the fiber faculty at the Chicago Art Institute. Again, teaching (or should I say dialoging with you) was very enriching to me and thanks for the opportunity." -- Mary Burks