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Art & Science Challenge

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Choose any branch of science as your inspiration. (For example, botany may suggest flowers or trees; astronomy- the moon or sun or stars; architecture- the structure of a building, etc. Someone wanted to do mathematics and that certainly is a science. And, of course you may choose to use the imagery of pollen grains, or DNA microscopically, etc. Just remember that it is the scientific aspect of the flowers, etc. that constitute the theme.)

Include an artist's statement of 50 words or less, describing the area of science used for the creation of your quilt. The size is 18" x18". Please do not have anything extending beyond the edges as it will cause problem in shipping. Any technique is allowed. Add a 4 inch sleeve for hanging.



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Alchemy ©Patty Koenigsaecker Art of Neuroscience  ©Sandy Schweitzer Change in Direction  ©Miriam Bruening Count On It  ©Sharron Evans Diffusion Tensor Imaging ©Darcy Berg Fireworks  ©Necia Wallace Horticulture and Psyche ©Mary Beat Leo and Tess  ©Suzanne Riggio Lichen Log ©Sharon Malec Linnaeus  ©Rachel Wetzler Mitochondrion-JimPilarski Numbers  ©Linda Sorkin Eisenberg Oil and Water Don't Mix ©Jean Cheszek Oleander ©Gwen Jones Oops! Back to the Drawing Board ©Kathy Downie Petrified Wood ©Wendy Read Pine Leaf ©Martha Tabis Planetary Phases ©Laura Wasilowski Protozoa Party ©Sue Jackan Small White Lady's Slipper ©Angelika Brinkmann-Busi Sweet Helix ©Pat Kroth Synapse ©Tricia Coulson The Black Hole of Cyberspace ©Kathy Ainger Through the Lens ©B J Parday Toxic Beauty ©Lisa Kay Untitled ©Colleen Curry Will Our Oceans Recover ©Kathy Jayko X and Y Chromosomes ©Rosalie Baker